Super Bowl!

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super bowl

This is a really quick recipe to make and can be cooked ahead so all you need is 5 minutes of prep time to get it ready for a nutritious and hardy meal.  The “meat” of this salad bowl is a recipe from Forks Over Knives website of Indian Curry Lentils.  I modified it by adding a bag of frozen chopped kale when it was almost completed cooking.  The recipe calls for the addition of other vegetables, which you can do, but I chose to keep it simple. That’s it! The main ingredients of lentils and split peas have some of the highest grams of fiber that you can eat and the addition of kale gives you a healthy dose of greens.

The first layer of the bowl is fresh arugula, add the Indian Curry Lentils (hot or cold), a generous scoop of fresh salsa which you can buy in any grocery store, chopped fresh avocado and a sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds (without salt).  There is no need for dressing with the addition of the salsa and it really is a satisfying meal.

Enjoy your Super Bowl!

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