August 15,  2021: We are now closed for the blueberry picking season.  Thank you so much to all our customers who visited the farm.  It was an unusual season with extremely warm temperatures in June which caused our picking season to open earlier than usual.  Then the rains came in July.  We received over 14 inches of rain in July and special thanks to those who braved the rainy weather and came out to pick blueberries.  We ended our season with typical warm summer weather and decided to close as the quality of our fruit decreased.

A special thanks to those of you who generously donated to our conscious jar this season.  We collected just over $1100 which will all be donated to the National Blood Clot Association.  Julie will be running the New York City Marathon in November in support of this nonprofit and all the wonderful things they do to provide outreach to the millions of people who have been affected by blood clots.  We’ll update her progress as her training continues and give you updates on race day as she runs the 26.2 miles through the streets of New York.


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