July 28: The early morning rain should be moving out before we open at 8am but paths in the farm could be wet so wear appropriate clothing.  Today we are open from 8 to 2 with excellent picking conditions.

Available varieties that we are currently picking: Bluecrop, Berkley, Northlands and Blueray.

This year’s prices are $2.85/pound and $2.75/pound for seniors 65 and older.

Covid-19 protocols at the farm

Hopefully, most people have received a vaccination and we can go back to a normal operation this year.  If you don’t have a vaccination for Covid-19 then we would ask you to wear a mask when approaching an employee or riding on the golf cart for everyone’s safety.  We will have extra masks at the farm stand if you need one.  You do not need to wear a mask in the fields while picking blueberries.

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