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fieldsinblossomHappy Memorial Day weekend…although it feels like an early spring day with rain and temperatures barely reaching 50.  Mother Nature marches on and the above picture shows the fields are in blossom but when it rains the bees (necessary for pollination) take a time out in their hives.  Hopefully the blossoms will hold on and the weather will turn soon.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our annual plant sale during the first weekend in May.  We still have some Patriot and Berkley blueberry plants for sale for $12.95 each.  It’s not too late to plant so give us a call at 664-2100 to arrange a pick-up time if you would like to purchase plants.  We are also gearing up for the beginning of our cooking classes at the farm with chef Bev Nemitz.  Classes are starting June 1 and you can find out more about the classes by visiting the cooking class link at the top of the website.  Call 664-2100 to reserve your spot.

I spotted this snapping turtle heading up to the third field…possibly to lay eggs?  They arebigturtle awesome creatures…not so awesome has been the local bear which decided to destroy a lot of our bumblebee hives.  We purchase bumblebees to supplement the honey bee pollination and the company ships them with sugar water for survival during the trip.  Unfortunately, bears love sugar water (beware anyone with hummingbird feeders) too.  We were able to salvage some of the hives and put them within an electric fence so hopefully no more bear problems!

Lots of local farmer’s markets are beginning this weekend. Check out the Seacoast Eat Local website for places and times. Have a great weekend!

2 Comments on “Rain Rain Go Away”

  1. We are interested in a free-range tuerky, but couldn’t find the pricing on your site. If you could email us with a quote for a large bird (we’re feeding about a dozen people), we would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Ooh My! What lovely haginng containers! Can’t help feeling a little jealous of your ‘too hot’ weather. Still waiting for a bit of a summer here and torrential rain forcast for tomorrow.

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