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We will be opening the 2013 season on Thursday, July 11 but in the meantime the deer rule the fields.  Although they don’t eat blueberries, they do sometimes nibble on the branches in the winter and cause damage.  My mom and sister spotted a fawn a few weeks ago in this field so maybe this is the momma!

There has been a lot of rain in the past few weeks which has been great for the blueberries and unfortunately the mosquitoes too, so come prepared especially if you plan  to pick later in the day.  The rain has enabled us to reduce our irrigation efforts which is nice but the grass and weeds also love the added moisture.  It seems we are constantly mowing and pulling out gargantuan weeds.

A few weeks ago we traveled to Boothbay Harbor in Maine and had the BEST blueberry drink ever at this restaurant, Boat House Bistro.

boathouse bistro


The bartender wouldn’t give me the recipe but I think it was a fruit puree mixed with a simple sugar, vodka and a little red wine topped with some club soda and a few blueberries mixed in.  Almost like a sangria but not too sweet and definitely very yummy.  We told the bartender about our blueberry farm and the couple next to us overheard the conversation.  He went to his car and came back with his daughter’s newly published book  Love and Blueberries and gave us a copy! The book is written by Casey Clark Kelley and takes place at a blueberry farm in Maine.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but plan on reading it this summer…hopefully!



Finally, I would like to thank Ryan O’Connor who helped us with our new WordPress website.  If you are ever in need of a professional website, we highly recommend Ryan.  He’s very easy and personable to work with and had a lot of great ideas to make the website shine.  He can be reached at

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  1. We used to steal strawberries from the local field if that cotuns? Probably not . We also picked mulberries because the bushes were plentiful. None of this was done under the watchful eyes of my parents. I think LG would enjoy this picking, not stealing and I’m going to try and find something for us to pick around these parts. Great idea thank you!

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