Opening Soon for the 2018 Season

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Lots of hot, sunny weather has ripened up the blueberries so we plan on opening on Saturday, July 7 at 8am for excellent picking conditions.  We have a few new things this year happening at the farm.  Unfortunately, we were forced to pull our blackberries because of a fungus.  They had been planted 20 years ago and had served us well so we will get the soil back to its original health and possibly plant a combination of blackberries, raspberries and a pollinator garden for the future.  A few of our employees have moved on so you’ll see some new faces at the stand…time marches on!  Also, in an attempt to make it easier to move around in our second field, we have pulled out two rows of Northlands.  We need to get all the fruit picked for the health of the farm so hopefully this will allow people to get deeper into the fields.

Finally, our apologies for abruptly ending the 2017 blueberry season.  We are in the midst of struggling to get a handle on a terrible pest called the Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD).  It is a fruit fly that has been devastating blueberries and other soft fruits.  We have not been able to pick our late fruit for 3 years because of its impact.  Unfortunately, we may need to spray more but we always follow the rules of IPM.  We will monitor the traps throughout the fields and when we see an accumulation of flies then we will spray.  This may mean closing the fields or individual fields on days our customers are not used to having them closed.  It is always a good idea to call or check the website before coming out to pick.  Thanks ahead for your understanding and let’s hope it’s a good year!

6 Comments on “Opening Soon for the 2018 Season”

  1. I have already picked blueberrys two times in the past two weeks. They are so sweet ,I really want to make a pie but I just can’t help myself from eating them straight from the bag.
    Thank you berry bog
    I will see you next week 😇

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