Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Reindeer

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This Christmas reindeer is a great project to create for your holiday decorations and you probably have all the tools and parts.

What’s needed:

2 logs; one for the body and one for the head (there is no “right” size but make sure the two logs are appropriate for a head and body- if the head is too large then it will be hard to support on the dowel.)
4 sturdy branches for the legs
1 wooden dowel cut to 6 inches(mine was a 1 inch in diameter dowel)
2 branches for the antlers
1 christmas ball for the nose
3 drill bits: one large one equal to size of your dowel(I used a 1 inch bit); one medium to make the leg holes(I used 3/4 inch bit); one small for the antlers
outdoor glue
Christmas ribbon

In the photo, I inadvertently left out the medium sized drill bit

Begin by drilling the hole for the neck (which is the wooden dowel) in the large log
Using the same drill bit, drill a hole in the head for the neck/dowel to fit
Next, turn the large log over and using the medium size drill bit, drill the 4 holes for the legs
Drill a hole in the nose/smaller log to fit a Christmas ball using the smaller drill bit
Drill two holes in the top of the head/smaller log to fit the antler/branches. I used the smaller drill bit for this.

Start assembling your pieces and use glue for those pieces that don’t quite fit (I used it for the dowel to connect head to body but not on the legs because I want to remove those for storage purposes).

You may have to use a sharp knife to make some of the legs fit into the body and I did shave off a little of the head piece which will be the nose. I’ve had this little guy for about 5 years and he is still going strong…have fun making your own Christmas reindeer!

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